About Happy Hair Professional Lice Removal

Jamie Simkin Malitz

Hi, my name is Jamie Malitz. I’m the owner of Happy Hair Professional Lice Removal which I founded in 2008. I am so lucky because I love what I do. Helping people motivates me what can I tell you. I was meant to do this.

Jamie's Head Lice Story

“When my daughter came home from school with head lice, I was not only distraught I also felt helpless. I could not believe how tedious and time-consuming the process was. The traditional at home drugstore bought treatments were not effective. I ended up at a De-lousing salon and it was amazing to me how easy they made it for me and my daughter. Of course, I got to thinking…

Happy Hair Is Born

“From the stressful and overwhelming experience I had with my daughter and the years I’ve dedicated to customer service in the salon industry, becoming a de-louser came naturally for me. After spending months doing research, I am now able to help numerous families conquer their head lice problem.”

“As my business has developed, I have successfully helped families in the north shore area with my effective, stress-free techniques. The Happy Hair system is safe, private, and best of all, it works!”

Your Happy Hair

Guarantees privacy, conveinence and results using non-toxic, pesticide free organic products.

Eliminate the stress of putting toxic chemicals on your child and waiting to see if that works…

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